Libre: Kidding

Mel Libre

MAYOR Labella seeks juvenile facility transfer.

He’s not kidding.


‘Fake’ kidnapper to face robbery, extortion raps.

For kidding, he must be man enough to face the charges.


Ordinance proposes to limit hours of roadworks in Cebu City.

Contractors may put roadblocks to this proposal.


Six detainees escape from juvenile facility.

They don’t want to grow old inside.


Cebu south bus depot official urges passengers to travel light.

Sounds right, in line with the saying “Light travels faster than sound.”


City Council approves removal of 65 narra, mahogany trees.

That leaves us wondering if they care about the trees.


Military reservists conduct medical mission.

They’re sick of simply marching.


Six fire volunteers test positive for drug use.

Next time they’re caught, they’ll get fired.


Traffic board wants to manage national roads.

They’re halfway there.


CBCP urges faithful to try a ‘Green Christmas.’

The Grinch Stole Christmas!