Libre: Profiteers unmasked

Mel Libre

PDEA 7 launches campaign vs. ecstasy party drugs.

Expect PDEA agents to gate crash.


Basketball player nabbed for hurting estranged lover.

Off court foul!


Garcia, Labella to dance together.

These LGU leaders can only accept roles as lead dancers.


Duterte to attend Sinulog.

Pity Señor!


Speak Bisaya when serving customers, councilor urges restaurant employees.

Eats just right.


Piggery, septic tank in Sirao, Kamputhaw found ‘unsanitary.’

The inspector nose best.


DTI warns vs overpricing face masks.

Unmask the profiteers!


Año ensures cleansing in PNP pending appointment of a new chief.

Expect sweeping reforms.


Group raises concerns on city’s watersheds.

Now, officials can’t simply wash their hands on the matter.


City worker steals P300,000 gift certificates.

Having been caught easily, the accused is no gifted criminal.