Libre: Recipe for disaster

Mel Libre

CUTTING number of school days an option.

This is one time that ‘cutting classes’ is acceptable.


LTO tells vehicle owners: ‘Claim your plates now.’

The days to make your claim are numbered.


Five motorcycle dealerships may lose LTO accreditation.

The government had to break their vicious cycle operation.


Temple of Leah in trouble.

Hopefully, this situation can be resolved, thereby becoming moat and academic.


Cebu Ocean Park ‘haven’ for rescued wild animals.

This move has captured...public attention.


Police arrest 71 volleyball ‘gamblers.’

From the volleyball court to the court of law.


Councilor calls for registration of sports clubs in Cebu City.

He told his colleagues, “The ball’s in your court.”


‘Tuslob Buwa’ trademark draws uproar.

The trademark owner has now realized his move was a recipe for disaster.


Argao police chief nabbed for ‘sleeping’ with female detainee.

That is worse than being caught sleeping on the job.


81 kilos of mishandled chicken meat confiscated in Mandaue.

The people caught cried out, “Fowl!”