Libre: Resting in peace

Mel Libre

CEBU City suspends cash aid distribution to seniors.

They won't forget this unfortunate move in the next election, that is, if they're still around to vote.


"Beds for Covid-19 patients sufficient."

Just don't get too comfortable sleeping by covering your head with a blanket; or you might be mistaken for resting in peace.


MCWD employees "forced to work" despite confirmed Covid-19 cases in office.

Someone from the water company leaked the story.


Press freedom groups decry verdict on Ressa, Santos.

It's a blot on democracy.


Fire-stricken CH left wing to get "facelift."

Whoever thought quickly about it must have burned the midnight candle.


Doctors' group appeals for public cooperation.

The funeral parlors' group message may be more effective.


"Bike run" held in Mandaue City.

They should do this often and not break the cycle.


P76M worth of fake cigarettes seized.

These will be burned and end up in smoke.


Illegal fishing continues amid GCQ.

The culprits should be sent to a school of fish.


Puerto Princesa police chief relieved for maltreating forest guards.

For maltreating the forest guards, the police chief should be axed.