Libre: Second Look

Mel Libre

Politics infiltrates Lapu fiesta opener.

Politicians often belong to a party; but they shouldn’t be spoiling this kind of festive party.


Three-month closed season begins in Visayan Sea.

This is fintastic!


21 new garbage trucks arrive in Cebu City.

These vehicles can’t expect to start with a clean slate.


Toledo halts poultry farm’s operations.

The operators ran afowl of the law?


MCWD, VEI promote handwashing to students.

Fighting germs is a hand-to-hand combat.


Mandaue approves measure to confiscate substandard series lights.

That’s delightful!


Depressed individuals still attempt to jump off from 2 Lapu-Mandaue bridges.

The number of suicides is falling down.


Firm to face case for anti-littering after failing to heed citation.

Every litter bit hurts.


PNP defends plan to use body cameras during operations.

This plan needs a second look.


Quality control on hollow blocks, quake drills sought.

The present system needs some shaking up.