Libre: A shot for Leni

Mel Libre

VP Leni accepts ‘drug czarina’ role to end EJKs.

Duterte is giving her a shot.


Palace: Duterte won’t meddle with Robredo’s work as drug czar.

If Robredo succeeds, the President will be lauded for making the appointment; if Robredo fails, it’s because she’s not up to the job.


Beef, fish banned too if stored with Luzon pork.

The vendors grunted like a pig.


Carcar City eyes ordinance to roast erring lechon vendors.

Thanks to the customer who squealed.


Man jailed for ‘abusing’ wife.

The husband deserves to be slapped--with a charge for domestic violence.


MCWD revives production well in Guadalupe after 15 years.

They mean well.


Ahong reports feats to children.

The attendance was perfect; ask the teachers.


All Saints’, All Souls’ Days generated 80 metric tons of trash in Cebu City alone.

We need to do some soul searching with this dirty habit we have.


Four cops to be charged for sneaking contraband into Bilibid.

Henceforth, they can’t even sneak out of the jail.


DOH wants sin tax imposed on chips, junk food.

Donut mess with these sweets, otherwise, DOH will get sour reactions.