Libre: Traffic jam

Mel Libre

TWG changes tune: Motorcycle taxi study to continue.

For a moment, their decision drove the drivers crazy.


Woman in promodiser attack fails to attend arraignment.

The prosecutors won’t buy any of her excuses.


Cebu City vendors get cash aid.

One of them must have given a good sales pitch that convinced the City officials.


Councilor: Manila traffic solutions a ‘failed’ model.

They’ve got solutions, but these are moving at turtle pace.


Sinulog revelers leave 131 metric tons of trash.

We’ve seen this problem before, so it’s just recycled.


Duterte to find funds to solve Cebu traffic.

Getting the funds may have more obstacles than driving through a traffic jam.


MCWD gives free water in Duljo.

Let’s drink to that!


Cebu City councilor wants to regulate use of drones.

He is right on target.


New Philippine National Police chief wants ‘inside-out approach.’

The PNP will police its ranks.


DILG chief wants Taal danger zone on complete lockdown.

The residents sure ash hell don’t like it.