The Life Edit Podcast: Gadgets you can't live without

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Love podcasts, and looking for one that's funny, chatty and very helpful indeed?

One that comes in bite-sized episodes and makes you laugh, think, and want to join in?

That would be The Life Edit, Yahoo Life's weekly podcast, where each episode, senior lifestyle editor Flic Everett speaks to the experts about the big topics on our radar.

The latest episode of the Life Edit Podcast is all about gadgets.

Flic and Yahoo's Shopping Editor Sabrina reveal the gadgets they can't live without - and the ones they'll never use again (spoiler: Nobody needs a foot spa.)

life edit banner
life edit banner

From the joy of a cordless vacuum ("stops me being a sweaty mess") to the ultimate food processor, ("l use it every day"), the gadgets in our lives are mercilessly investigated and given the thumbs up - or down.

is it true that nobody needs a spiraliser? And can Sabrina persuade Flic that asking a gadget for the weather forecast is really quicker than just looking it up on her phone?

And do we really need a smart kettle with an app that works from your phone and robot washing machines that programme themselves?

Whether you're planning to invest in a much-hyped time-saver and want the low-down, or simply hoping to avoid a dud purchase that'll gather dust in the attic, Flic and Sabrina are on it, with the truth about what works, the current bestsellers, and what's best consigned to the forgotten fads of history.

Funny, insightful and very honest, The Life Edit has all the interesting parts of life, with none of the boring bits.

Listen: The Life Edit Podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts and all other podcast platforms

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