Lightning fatally strikes biker

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A 38-YEAR-OLD man was killed after he was struck by lightning while biking around Barangay Ibabao, Cordova town on Monday, Nov. 9, 2020.

The incident occurred just as Metro Cebu felt torrential rain at 5:38 p.m. on Monday.

Emergency responders identified the biker as Michael Hernaez, a resident of Barangay Babag in Lapu-Lapu City.

Vincent Benitez, head of Cordova town’s Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, told SunStar Cebu that Hernaez was reportedly biking from his workplace in Barangay Pajac to his house when he decided to take pass by an ongoing coastal road project in Babag so that he could get to his house faster.

At that time, heavy rain was pouring in the area accompanied by a thunderstorm.

But while passing there, Hernaez was struck by lightning.

Residents in the area noticed that a lightning bolt hit Hernaez and saw him fell to the ground. They called emergency responders.

Benitez said his personnel immediately brought Hernaez to a nearby hospital, but Hernaez was already dead upon arrival.

Meanwhile, a man with a hearing impairment survived after he was swept by a flashflood while collecting sand and gravel at a river in Sitio Kanaas, Barangay Guadalupe in Cebu City on the same day.

Ramil Ayuman, head of Cebu City’s Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Offfice, said they identified the victim as Ener Urama, a sand and gravel collector living in Sitio Kanaas.

Residents there told emergency responders that Urama was collecting and and gravel along the river when heavy rains brought about a flashflood at around 6 p.m., sweeping him off from where he was.

Urama could have drowned if not for the assistance of residents living nearby who were able to rescue him. (GCM, BBT / JKV)