Liloan records first Covid case

A 38-YEAR-OLD woman confined in the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) in Cebu City is the first positive case of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) from the northern town of Liloan.

The Municipal Government has already conducted contract tracing in the patient’s residence in Purok Proper 2, Barangay San Vicente.

In a Facebook post, Mayor Christina Garcia-Frasco said they received the official test results from the Provincial Health Office Saturday night, May 16, 2020.

The patient gave birth at the VSMMC on May 15.

Based on the initial investigation, the woman has a store in the Ramos Public Market in Cebu City.

Although the patient was considered vulnerable to Covid-19 exposure, she allegedly went to Cebu City on at least three occasions.

She reportedly got past border checkpoints because of her medical certificate indicating her pregnancy.

The first time the woman left for Cebu City was on May 8 to fill out the form for the social amelioration program (SAP) distributed by the City Government.

On May 9, the patient again went to Cebu City to claim her SAP cash aid.

On May 12, the woman visited the Perpetual Succour Hospital for a check-up.

She was swabbed for Covid-19 on May 13 as part of the hospital’s standard procedure.

On May 14, the patient requested a non-licensed midwife to go to her residence for an examination.

At present, both patient and baby are in good condition and are isolated in the hospital together with her husband.

The patient, her husband and baby are asymptomatic. The husband and infant will also be swabbed.

They were advised not to return to Barangay San Vicente and reside in Cebu City instead upon discharge from the VSMMC.

Mayor Frasco already directed the Municipal Health Office and the Philippine National Police (PNP) to immediately conduct contact tracing and to secure the perimeter of the patient’s residence.

She also called Department of Health 7 Director Jaime Bernadas to get more details about the patient and to request a confirmatory test.

“As of this morning, contact tracing has been conducted and the patient’s place of residence, which is in a compound with six households, has been placed on immediate containment and isolation,” Frasco said.

The compound is guarded by the barangay health emergency response team in coordination with the PNP. The area is also under aerial drone monitoring.

All close contacts of the patient are considered persons under monitoring.

They have been placed under strict 14-day quarantine and isolation and were swabbed.

Regular disinfection in the affected area will also be conducted and the essential needs of all persons in containment will be provided by the barangay and the Municipal Government.

“As demonstrated today, since one person has tested positive, we have strict and immediate contact tracing, containment and isolation protocol to prevent risk of spread of infection. As we anticipate that there may be more positive cases as a result of our contact tracing and testing, I urge you not to worry because we have set up the necessary measures to respond,” Frasco said.

In the south of Cebu, two Covid-19 positive female health workers from Talisay City and Minglanilla have recovered from the disease.

They are the first recorded recoveries in the two local government units. The two patients are employees of different hospitals in Cebu City.

In a Facebook post on May 17, Talisay City Mayor Gerald Anthony Gullas Jr. said the health worker, a resident of Ramona Village in Barangay Dumlog, took the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction test twice.

Gullas said the patient was discharged and allowed to go home. However, the health worker will undergo an additional seven days in home quarantine as an added safety measure, he said.

Gullas also said family members of the patient who were swabbed also tested negative for Covid-19.

The first Covid-19 positive patient in Minglanilla, a resident of Barangay Lower Pakigne, was tested twice for the disease. Both results came out negative.

Minglanilla Mayor Elanito Peña said the patient is recovering.

Close contacts of the patient—her sister, partner and a laundrywoman—also tested negative after they were swabbed.

Peña said he also lifted the lockdown in Lower Pakigne. (ANV, JCT / RTF)