Lily Collins admits even she was pronouncing 'Emily in Paris' wrong

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

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Netflix's Emily in Paris was all anyone could talk about when the feel-good rom-com arrived on the streaming platform in October. From the incredible fashion to the cliffhanger ending and its stereotypical French cliches, the Darren Star series created a huge buzz.

But more recently, the show hit the headlines again when it transpired we'd all been pronouncing 'Emily in Paris' wrong for as long as it had been on Netflix. "Friendly reminder Emily in Paris is supposed to be pronounced with a French accent so 'Emily' and 'Paris' rhyme," Netflix tweeted on November 11, before adding, "I said what I said."

And it looks like we weren't the only ones who got it wrong, because Lily Collins just admitted she'd been saying it incorrectly, too.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Appearing on on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor revealed: "So here’s the thing, when we were shooting it in Paris, we heard people referencing it as that more often. Right? Because we’re in Paris and the accent.

"I was like, ‘Oh yeah, it rhymes. That’s cute.’ Literally forgot about it, came back home. It was never like a big thing and then I felt like I was one with every single other person in the world that found that out the same day."

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

She went on, "I was like, ‘Have I been saying it wrong?’ We’ve all been saying ‘Emily in Paris.’ I was like, ‘Oh my god, I fell for it.’ So yeah, I’m Emily and I even was saying it wrong. So go figure. I feel like that’s actually something Emily herself would be like, ‘I guess I was part of the joke.'"

I mean, if Lily's not even saying it right...

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