Lim: Fight cancer

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As a cancer survivor saved by early detection, I am thrilled to hear that UCMed (University of Cebu Medical Center) is bringing to Cebu, state-of-the-art medical equipment for improved cancer detection.

UCMed which opened its doors to the public in 2015 has always displayed a pioneering vision. It boasts of many firsts.

It was the first medical facility in southeast Asia to install a fully-integrated 3D Endoalpha Minimally Invasive Surgery Operating Room as well as the first to offer 3D Mammography with Tomosynthesis. It was also the first in the country to have a fully-integrated Digestive & Pulmonary Endoscopy Suite.

Yet, UCMed continues to push the envelope by acquiring some of the most advanced medical equipment and offering some of the most cutting-edge procedures in the industry.

The Somatom X.ceed, the first in southeast Asia, is a high-resolution, high-speed, low-dose CT scanner that delivers high quality images. As all who have undergone a CT scan know—motion affects clarity. Keeping still is essential.

Well, this scanner’s high temporal resolution conquers the challenge of motion compromising clarity—whether the motion is from a restless, fidgety child, an anxiety-ridden trauma patient or a beating heart.

Its high spatial resolution allows it to detect even the minutest lesions and its high scan speed ensures the lowest doses of radiation. For cancer detection, this is a God-send. But this scanner is for detecting all types of abnormalities, not just cancer.

UCMed is also bringing us Mammomat Revelation, a digital mammography system that produces 3D images of the breast with a unique 50° wide-angle technology.

Equipped with the highest depth resolution and highest mass detectability in the market, overlapping breast tissue challenges can be overcome, minute lesions can be detected and breast density can be more precisely classified according to BI-RADS standards.

With personalized and automated compression of the breast, discomfort is decreased and anxiety is minimized resulting in improved patient experience.

And there’s TiCEM (Titanium Contrast Enhanced Mammography).

As with a CT scanner, the Mammomat Revelation can also do imaging with contrast wherein a substance is administered to the patient during the mammogram to enhance imaging clarity. This is a lifesaver for women with dense breasts with findings of non-conclusive lesions.

Somatom X.ceed and Mammomat Revelation promise to change the digital imaging landscape. If cancer is caught early, timely interventions can be made and more lives can be saved. As a cancer survivor, this gives me immense hope for the future.

UCMed, once more, raises the bar for healthcare not just in the country but in the southeast Asian region. UCMed helps us fight cancer better.