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I never liked guns. But I once considered learning how to use one. Not for self-defense. I was more enamored with the idea of excelling in a sport that was uncommon. I sucked at ballgames. I had to find my niche.

In hindsight, target shooting was a bad choice. I could never have excelled at a sport that required precision and focus.

Do guns kill people? No. People kill people. But people can use guns to kill people. Well, knives can be used to kill people too and all kitchens have them. True. But we take great care in our homes to store our knives beyond the reach of children.

A mental health crisis is gripping not just America but the whole world. And this is why gun control is necessary.

As we put bladed weapons and poisonous substances beyond the reach of children, so should we put guns beyond the reach of the mentally ill, emotionally unstable and intellectually enfeebled. But we must also keep them away from the militant, violent and criminally-minded.

Guns kill rather than protect the vulnerable—the ill, the infirm, the abused, the broken-hearted.

People say they buy guns for self-defense. One or two handguns should suffice, then. Why semi-automatic weapons? They’re called “assault weapons” for a reason.

A government that encourages the ownership of guns for personal protection is a government that admits it has lost control over its lawless elements. It is a government that has abdicated from its sworn duty to protect its citizens. For what would the police and military forces be for if citizens need to arm themselves for daily protection?

No one should feel the need to build an arsenal in their homes.

I’m not saying that a total ban on gun ownership should happen. But more can be done so less lives can be lost.

The minimum age requirement for gun ownership can be raised. Extensive background checks can be enforced. A longer waiting period for purchasing a gun can be established. Proper storage of firearms can be required. The type and number of firearms one individual can own can be strictly regulated. The purchase of ammunition can be controlled.

Why do people buy guns? Why do people buy shoes and bags? We only need and use a few but we still buy more. Some people buy guns for self-defense but some also buy guns for the joy and pride of ownership.

And I get it. But gun control is necessary because guns must be placed beyond the reach of some individuals in society. I understand the right to bear arms but dead kids are a steep price to pay to exercise that right.

Gun ownership should be a privilege not a right.

I abandoned my target shooting dreams and went instead for dance, gymnastics and martial arts. I still didn’t excel in any of them but at least, I didn’t end up killing anyone.

I never liked guns. I still don’t.

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