Lim: Let them lead

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In two weeks, we will be holding national elections.

Vote for those who are trustworthy, not for those who strive to kill transparency. Vote for those who speak the truth, not for those who seek to spread fake news. Vote for those who acknowledge the past no matter how unsavory, not for those who revel in revising history.

It is essential to elect people who can get things done. But it is as important to know how they get things done.

Elect into office those who adhere to the rule of law, not those who flout it or those who find ways to go around it. Elect into office those who act with a sense of gratitude and duty and not those who act with a sense of entitlement and impunity.

Those who refuse to heed the nation’s creed cannot lead.

Vote for those who deplore criminality but still believe in a civilized society. Vote for those who believe justice can be delivered through the courts of law and not through executions in the streets.

It’s safe streets we want, not murderers in our midst.

No matter how well-intentioned ideas may be, no one has the license to act with impunity. No matter how flawed or fractured our criminal justice system may be, death squads can never be the solution to ending criminality.

Vote for those who promote democracy rather than autocracy. Vote for those who support science rather than superstition. Vote for those who can advance the economy without sacrificing the nation’s sovereignty.

Do not vote for those who sow hate, spread disinformation and seek to brainwash the public into believing in the fairy tale of “the new society.” It was a farce. But if you were too young then or weren’t born yet, read Animal Farm by George Orwell, instead.

Do not vote for those who have a history of crime and corruption. Do not vote for those who hide behind lies and deception. Do not vote for friends. Do not vote for neighbors. Do not vote for candidates endorsed by people who make them for political gain, accommodation or survival.

Instead, vote for candidates you have personally vetted. Vote for candidates whose values align with yours. If you must look to endorsements, vote for candidates endorsed by people whose opinion you value and whose judgement you trust.

Vote for those who run to serve the public rather than to serve personal interests. Vote for those who run for love of country not for love of power and money. Vote for those who can bring back honor, dignity and respect to government service in this country.

Vote for those who can rise above the mud-slinging, rumor-mongering and story-spinning. Vote for those who have the capacity to govern with civility, dignity and accountability. Vote for those who can put aside politics for their principles.

In two weeks, let those with integrity lead.

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