Lim: Walk safely

Melanie T. Lim
·3 min read

NOTHING has been more polarizing than the decision to lift or not lift quarantine status around the country. But by whatever name we call it—general, enhanced or modified enhanced, the restrictions that come with it have been met with some degree of resistance.

The sensible ones among us understand that restrictions are in place to protect the public from a global health hazard. The less sensible ones among us opt to live in denial and demand the reopening of the entire economy, pronto—without regard for logic or caution.

After two months, everyone’s patience, understandably, is running thin. Those among us who have the resources to meet daily needs are a bit more patient than those now on the verge of panic as to how to survive in the succeeding months.

And then, there are those among us who cling on to the status quo if only to continue to qualify for government assistance.

Aid, in whatever form, is meant to be temporary. It’s like a crutch—something to lean on when you are weak and unable to walk on your own. But you are not meant to lean on the crutch forever. You are expected to find the strength, eventually, to stand up and walk on your own.

It is in everyone’s best interest to lift the economic lockdown. The government’s coffers are not bottomless. No one’s coffer is. But reopening the entire economy is not as simple as it seems. The virus has not been contained. It remains a mystery even to the best scientific minds.

So, to reopen the economy, we must proceed with care and caution. We must do it in phases—just as government is doing right now, though unfortunately, not to the complete satisfaction of the public.

Not all businesses can reopen immediately. And this is hard for many. Some sectors are non-essential or high-risk for the spread of the virus. This is a reality. No one is being singled out for discriminatory action. So, though you may be hurting, you need to stop railing against something you actually know to be real and true.

Everyone is hemorrhaging. Not just you.

We want to reopen the economy but we want to do it safely. So, in order to reopen, we need new protocols in place. We need additional safeguards. We can no longer do as we did before. Now, we need to embrace change.

Nothing has been more polarizing than the decision to lift or not lift quarantine status around the country. But by whatever name we call it, the time has come for the restrictions that come with it, to be lifted. Because if we don’t lift them. Soon. We will be paralyzed. Eventually.

Our crutches have served us well. But it’s time we rid ourselves of them. We need to find the strength to stand on our own. Now. Or we lose the ability to ever walk. Again. But let’s walk safely.