Lim: At war

Melanie T. Lim

WE ARE officially at war. And it is imperative that we face the enemy with a united front.

When I was young and insurgency was rife in our country, my father used to tell me that it was much better during World War II because they knew the face of their enemy. The face of the enemy would change and become more elusive through time.

Today, we face another enemy — no longer human in form but just as dangerous, deadly and difficult to defeat.

The Covid-19 virus continues to rage globally. It threatens to come in waves, to overwhelm our health systems, to kill the most vulnerable among us. The world is at work to contain it. What can we do to help?

Businesses are shutting down. People are losing their jobs. It’s the same for all of us except that some of us can afford to lose our income in the next few months. We will have less money but we won’t go hungry. In this regard, it is not the same for everyone.

For those among us who are privileged enough to ride out this quarantine with minor discomforts (no spa, no beauty salon, no socials), let’s open our hearts to those who can’t survive without their paychecks.

Let’s extend whatever assistance we can to our employees who will be affected by our discontinued business operations. But let’s also impart the value of frugality. We don’t know how long this crisis will last.

Due to the global shortage of personal protective equipment, our health care personnel are in great need of improvised homemade versions. Let’s do what we can.

In our company, we are making protective acetate shields for donation to our local hospitals. We can’t all be on the battlefield but we can make shields for our soldiers so they can go to battle, better prepared.

We are not alone in our efforts. So many others are doing the same and more. I am sure you can find a way to help too.

But don’t despair if you can’t make a mask or a shield. You don’t need to — to be part of this global initiative to combat the Covid-19 virus. If you do not need to go out — stay home, stay clean, stay healthy. You are already making a sizable contribution by doing so.

Now is NOT the time for social gatherings — of any kind. Now is the time for individual sacrifice for the greater good.

War efforts come in many forms. You can follow government directives. You can support government leaders. You can stop spreading fake news. You can stop trolling and start offering solutions. You can pray for the world.

I thank our local government officials for their concerted and courageous efforts to protect Cebu from this crisis. We appreciate all that you do. More power to you!

We are at war. It doesn’t help to get hit by friendly fire. We cannot win this war, divided. Let us not forgot there is only one enemy in this war. We can only win, united.