Limpag: Boxing changes

Mike T. Limpag

THE first thing that came into my mind when I covered my first professional boxing match as a sportswriter was what would my gender and society professor say had she seen the setup. She'd probably have fits or would have decided then and there to start a study on gender roles in boxing. I don't see any other mainstream sport that objectifies women more than boxing, unless, of course, you think lingerie football—the American version—is one.

These days, with all sports going into a reboot, I hope boxing promoters will also rethink how they conduct their promoters. Let's do away with the ring girls for starters. I mean, do you really need scantily-clad women to tell you what round it is? Of course, this is not to say that there wasn't a time when I didn't join in the catcalls because I sure did.

But this is 2020, the time when women are speaking out openly for empowerment and against misogyny. Just a few days ago, I read about how some female wrestlers spoke out against the harassment they received and I tell you it's fortunate that they got the support from the community. I tell you, I've seen some incidents where some of the ring girls were harassed, not just by the audience, but by those who hold the purse strings in boxing.

So, I hope this is one aspect in boxing that will be reformed.

I mean, would they wait for a #MeToo or #HijaAko movement in boxing before the promoters get their act together? If someone courageous enough will start one, I think you’d be horrified by the stories.

COMEBACKS. The quarantine period has sure put some strange thoughts into the mind of retired boxers. First, there was Mike Tyson, and now Oscar dela Hoya is thinking of coming back at 47. I saw Tyson’s last fight, and it was sad seeing the baddest man in the planet making a disgrace of himself.

Most of us saw dela Hoya’s last fight and how a sympathetic Pacquiao took it easy on him in the last few rounds of their fight. Now they want to fight again?

If Iron Mike will face a fighter of the same age, well, I’d go with that. But against fighters decades younger? Man, I’m sure there are a lot of better options to entertain us.