Limpag: CCSC’s skewed priorities

Mike T. Limpag
·2 min read

DISTRIBUTING basketball goals at a time when contact sports isn’t allowed and when everyone is encouraged to stay at home? It’s a move that makes as much sense as causing traffic to celebrate traffic-reduction moves.

I had to shake my head when I saw the Facebook page of the Cebu City PIO post the putting up of basketball goals. It is wrong in so many ways. The post said that the move wasn’t meant to encourage people to play but was done so that when things return to normal, the residents will have a basketball court.

Facepalm. They just admitted that they spent government funds for something that is useless for the next few months. Here you are, telling people not to go out for unncessary things and here you are going out doing unncessary things. And judging by the comment section, almost everyone agreed it was unncessary. Early campaigning was the buzzwords of those who felt they had to react.

The page said that the initiative was conducted by the Cebu City Sports Commission (CCSC) headed by Amilo Lopez (where’s Ed Hayco?) and if it was, boy, has the CCSC fallen a few rungs. The CCSC pretty much mirrors the PSC and this is the first “what-were-you-thinking” activity the CCSC has done.

I mean, have they forgotten the viral photos of people caught playing basketball a year ago? Didn’t folks call out those folks and didn’t some of them even report them to the police?

And here they are, distributing basketball goals!

I know some of the guys in the CCSC and I hope they aren’t involved in this publicity stunt. Because it is that, a publicity stunt, and it is done in poor taste.

Distributing basketball goals is a trapo move at the height of the election season. It is disappointing that Mayor Edgar Labella, a guy I admire pre-Covid, had his name attached to this.

If the City is really concerned about sports, there’s one thing that it can do, pay tournament managers of the 2019 City Olympics. I was surprised when one tournament manager said they still weren’t paid.

Then I remembered it was a big issue in early 2020, especially with how some were forced to take out loans so they could pay their officials. Of course, we all know what happened three months into 2020 and how everything went into the backburner.

But if the City has money to waste for unneeded basketball goals, then it surely has money to spare for services rendered by tournament managers in 2019.

Distributing basketball goals in the middle of the pandemic. What where these guys thinking? If you want a sports program suited in the pandemic, go distribute chess or scrabble sets

Let’s have some common sense, shall we?