Limpag: Coaching license

Mike T. Limpag
·2 min read

WE MAY haven’t had any football event since the pandemic started but at least for Cebu football, the year ends on a positive note after four coaches earned their License A from the Philippine Football Federation.

Roseton “Coach Apol” Barinan, John Martin Ferrer, Glenn Ramos and Jinggoy Roa all got their A Diploma last Dec. 18, 2020, while Robert “Kid” Nicart got his B Diploma.

It’s not easy getting a License A diploma and I remember during the last Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (Cesafi) season that the then A license candidates had to submit regular updates of the football programs they were attached with to the PFF as part of their requirements.

We all know the last Cesafi season was canned but this development is a great step toward the plan of the Central Visayas Football Association (CVFA) and the Cesafi to require coaches to have licenses. This was an offshoot to the dialogue that CVFA president Rodney Orale and Cesafi commissioner Felix Tiukinhoy had in 2019 over the walkout of the University of the Visayas.

At least something good came out of that sad incident.

Requiring coaches to have licenses before they can handle college teams in Cebu is part of the vision of the local FA to professionalize coaching. Though it’s not yet a requirement, almost all coaches in Cebu already have at least a license C since the PFF and the CVFA held numerous coaching seminars in the past.

I still remember that just over a decade ago, it was significant news to have a Cebu-based coach earn a B License but now, almost everyone I know who are with the major football teams are either B holders or B candidates.

Though it would be a bit too much if you require college coaches to have A licenses, since being an A holder means you are qualified to handle the national team. So, as to what type of license should be the required minimum to handle a Cesafi team is up to the Cesafi and the CVFA to pursue.

Doing this will also help the Cesafi in its main — and sometimes, troublesome — sport, basketball. All the league has to do is say, “Hey, we require football coaches to have licenses. Now, why can’t we do it in basketball?”

Though I am not sure whether the SBP has the same licensing structure as the PFF, requiring them to have licenses will at least eliminate those irksome incidents where coaches try to bend the rules. Why? Because bending rules may get your license revoked.