Limpag: LeBron the Flop: a bad influence

·2 min read

Well, what do you know, another LeBron flop clip is doing the rounds in social media.

When will it stop?

Back in the early 2000s, I remember flopping in football had become such a problem that Fifa blamed it on cable TV.

Why? It’s simple. Fifa said the kids see their idols flop and they copy them, going down at the lightest touch to get a foul. I think that was the time when they changed the rules and added diving as a cardable offense.

Did it work?

I think partially, it did, though for those generations who got used to flopping, well, they still do flop and we still occasionally see LeBronesque clips of football players.

But in basketball, the flop, it seems, is here to stay. Problem is, there are flops and then there are flops. Players always try to sell a foul. I think that’s a given.

Get pushed by the ball handler? Fall to the floor.

Then there’s the other kind of flop, one that even pushed the Sports Illusrated to splice a clip of LeBron receiving the Espy Award to that of the Oscars.

But I hope the NBA will stop thinking that this is just the normal part of the game.

LeBron is a global basketball star. His actions on the court will influence a lot of youngsters who are picking up the game. If they see their idol getting away with a flop, then expect a generation who learn that flopping is part of the game.

No individual should be greater than the game, no matter how great they are or how great they think they are right?

I’m not trying to pit football and basketball fans when I raise the football model, but at one point Fifa did raise the issue, football stars who are flopping are doing a great damage to the game by being a bad influence.

The NBA could have condemned LeBron for his Oscar-worthy flop. It might not change his game since at his age, it’s a little too late, but that could have shown the kid who’s just starting to pick up a basketball that flopping isn’t okay even if the stars are doing it.

Oh well, one can always dream, right?

I wonder though which clip would be the most shared in this playoffs? LeBron lifting the trophy again or another flop?