Limpag: The light bulb problem

Mike T. Limpag

THE light bulb joke was the political meme before social media became a hit and was sometimes used to highlight the inefficiency or problems in a given situation.

Like, how many government workers do you need to change a light bulb? Three—one to make the request, one to punch the time card and one to deny that there’s a light bulb problem.

How many public school teachers do you need to change one? Only one. But that’s after she goes about her regular duties, extra duties, makes the request and follows up on the request.

I was reminded of the light bulb joke when I was told that four months and two weeks after the fire that hit the Cebu City Sports Center (CCSC), the lights aren’t still fully functional. That’s 137 days from Oct. 18 to March 3.

To be fair, I was told the problem is no longer with the bulb, but the control panel needed to control the power. Half of the stadium’s lights, the far side, were functional during the SunStar Football Cup in November, which allowed us to use half the field for the night games. Only two towers are functional now, which barred organizers of the Sinulog Football Cup from holding night games. And unless a miracle happens between now and next month, organizers of the Thirsty Cup will have to find a third venue since night games won’t be an option for them.

That’s what organizers of the Sinulog Cup did; hold some of the divisions at the San Roque Parish field so they can finish before sundown.

I know government procurement is a complicated process that involves lots of wheels, but I hope it won’t take another four months to completely repair the lights at the CCSC.

It’s just a football festival, why should Cebu City make sure it pushes through? Well, there’s a thing called sports tourism and it might not involve millions like the PAL Interclub, but a few out-of-town teams in football tournaments here do stay in pension houses and inns near the CCSC. And in the present atmosphere, where tourism has taken a nosedive, that might just save a job or two.

I’m not blaming anyone for the delay as I’m still trying to get in touch with the CCSC management to find out the reasons why. I just hope the delay will be addressed as soon as possible, hopefully before the Thirsty Cup comes around.

I’m not involved with the tournament by the way. I just know it would be good for them and it will be good for Cebu football. And that’s good enough for me.