Limpag: Provincial meet

Mike T. Limpag

I LEARNED from someone from the Department of Education that Cebu Province will finally have its delayed Provincial meet in the next few days so it can form its delegation for the Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association (Cviraa).

The person who told me the news is not with DepEd Cebu Province but has some contacts there. I learned that for both the Provincial meet and the Cviraa, DepEd Cebu Province only has P2 million and that’s not enough.

Jeez, feeding the delegation alone will be costly and I’m pretty sure right now, DepEd Cebu province officials are trying to find out sources of funds for both the Provincial Meet and their delegation.

I was hoping to write an appeal for Capitol, especially after reading that it offered millions in projects to the top hosts of the Suroy-Suroy Sugbo but the Capitol is busy with a more pressing concern and will be needing funds for its planned quarantine of visitors from China.

I asked the official if an LGU is required to support a delegation and he pointed out that it is the LGU that controls the Special Education Fund, which could have been used for both the Provincial Meet and the Cviraa campaign of the province.

But since the falling out of DepEd officials from the new administration, financial support has dried up. I just hope though that Cebu Province, which is a contender in chess, volleyball and batted sports, overcomes such challenge and can form a team, a strong one, for the Cviraa.

The whole region will benefit since it means we can have the strongest possible team for the Palarong Pambansa if anyone who should be in the Cviraa gets to play.

Catmon almost always makes it to the finals in volleyball in the Palaro, while Northern Cebu has a strong batted sports community. They also have a strong football team too, thanks to Liloan and I think there were also a couple of chess and track and field athletes who’ve won in the national level, so yes, Cebu Province has athletes who have the potential to win in the Palaro.

I just hope though that maybe a board member would be brave enough to ask Capitol to help fund the Provincial Meet or the delegation to the Cviraa. It wouldn’t hurt to ask, right?

The Cviraa will be held at the end of February and I hope that is enough time for DepEd Cebu Province to secure much needed funds for its Cviraa stint.

Uniforms and food alone are going to cost millions.