Limpag: Release the MJ tapes

Mike T. Limpag

HERE’S a rather strange idea being mulled by the NBA to entertain quarantined folks in this trying times--isolating some players and having them compete against each other.

Sounds familiar? It evokes images of the Hunger Games. Well, don’t blame yourself because it’s kinda like the hunger games. But I don’t think it’s going to be a hit among the NBA players though as I’m sure the primary goal of these guys in these months is to stay healthy and keep their families safe.

And, let’s face it. There won’t be any rewards for them in the long run as they already own fat contracts.

Now on the other hand, if instead of NBA players the league has a different sector in mind, say G-League players or other players who dream of a spot in an NBA team? And maybe award a contract or two to the winner. Now that might be a different story. I just wonder though how the public will take this as it might seem exploitative.

But here’s one thing the league can do that won’t be exploitative and will surely be a big hit.

Last year, they teased the public with that Michael Jordan documentary set to come out in the middle of this year. Culled from its vast library of tapes involving the greatest ever, the general reaction when the teaser was released last year was, “it’s will be released in 2020 yet?”

Why not release that a couple months early and you have a captive audience for the documentary the world over?

The NBA’s reputation wasn’t helped when it was learned that all “58 players” of the Utah Jazz were immediately tested after Rudy Gobert’s Covid-19 test came out positive, resulting to the league canceling the season. How one team can have 58 players is beyond me. Another CNN talking TV head pointed out how Utah could have gotten 58 of the state’s daily allocation of 100 tests so quick.

So I guess, that early release of the MJ documentary would help smooth some feelings over.

Will the league still resume its season? I sure hope so. I think compared to other major leagues worlwide—i.e. Premier League, La Liga—it has the best chance to do so since it’s next projected start is November and it doesn’t have any other competitions to consider. While football clubs have the champions league and their players have international duties, there are no such concerns for NBA teams.

I just hope that whenever the NBA does resume and kickstart its post-season, I hope it changes its format. A long post-season won’t cut it.