Limpag: Sinulog bubble vs. sports bubble

Mike T. Limpag
·2 min read

Bubble must be the buzz word these days for anything related to beating regulations on mass gatherings. We had the NBA bubble and the PBA bubble. Now, we have the Sinulog bubble that is being planned. But would it be like the sports-related bubbles?

They called it a bubble because, well, they stayed in a bubble. Before they got in, they got tested and there were regular tests for the players who were on isolation.

Will the Sinulog bubble follow such format or do they just want to ride on the “bubble” trend to get away with it?

I don’t know and let’s stick to sports, eh?

Like most other sectors, Cebu sports suffered greatly because of the pandemic. Not a single event was staged since February, and the men and women involved in sports know and understand the reasoning behind it.

But if we want to see sports events this year, we need the people at City Hall—yes, Edgar Labella and Mike Rama—to make all the right moves before we can even consider having one.

I mean if you’d loathe having 10 guys play a basketball game in a secluded venue sans an audience, why would it be acceptable to have a 50- or 80- or 100-person delegation dance on the streets?

I guess, you can call it fortunate that the sports organizers in Cebu are not as crazy or as confrontational as me. You have your Sinulog, give us our sports. Because frankly, if a sports organizer was to push through with his event and insist that it’s because it is a tradition, he’d be pilloried from pillar to post.

To be honest, I think City Hall is wrong in pushing to have this year’s Sinulog staged. I mean, we won’t have the usual tourists to stage it for. And using the NBA or PBA bubbles as proof that mass gatherings can be staged safely, I think, is just plain wrong.

But if City Hall can prove us wrong and show the Sinulog can be staged safely and the participants can go home Covid-free, then perhaps that can mean we can have sports events again before we can have the vaccine, eh? Just as long as safety precautions are observed?

The state of Cebu sports in 2021, I think, will hinge on what will happen in the Sinulog. If they stage it successfully and no Covid spikes happen, then perhaps sports can make a comeback. If, on the other hand, a spike does occur, forget about sports.

And if it gets canceled too due to public clamor, then you can also forget about any sports organizers daring to hold their events, even if it is because of tradition.

So I hope City Hall knows what it’s doing when it comes to the Sinulog. Because it won’t be just about the Sinulog.