Line of Duty: All the unanswered questions from the season six finale

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Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

For the past few weeks, we've all been glued to our TV screens to watch the sixth season of Line of Duty. And wow, what a few weeks it’s been. This Sunday (May 2), it all came to a dramatic climax in the show’s final episode, but while some of the storylines were wrapped up, others left us with unanswered questions. First things first, what did we actually find out?

Well, the long-standing mystery of season six has been who on earth is 'H'? Thankfully, the final episode revealed that Ian Buckells is the bent copper who’s been helping out the OCG – much to the disappointment of fans.

Elsewhere in the show, Jo Davidson, played by Kelly Macdonald, got her happy ending and entered witness protection, while Terry Boyle's suffering at the hands of the OCGs came to an end. So, what are we still left wondering?

Does Buckells get away with it all?

Possibly more annoying than the fact Buckells was 'H' all along is that he’s likely going to get away with it. As we learn in the finale, the police submitted an application for 'public-interest immunity' for Buckells. That means any evidence relating to his corruption won’t be heard at court. Buckells himself also pointed out that given the nature of the corruption, it's unlikely the force would want the public finding out anyway. But, with AC-12 you never know...

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

How bent is Chief Constable Osborne?

Throughout the finale, we’re left guessing who 'H' would turn out to be until it’s eventually revealed as Buckells. One suspect was Chief Constable Osborne, who seems to have been involved in some pretty shady goings-on regarding coverups of crimes committed by those in the police. While he seemingly gets away with his role in Vella's murder, the full extent of his corruption – and whether or not he’ll get his comeuppance – is left up in the air.

Who killed Thurwell?

We find out (from the Spanish police) that the bodies found in Marcus Thurwell’s house were those of Mr and Mrs Thurwell, and that they were strangled to death before being left to decompose for several weeks. But, we don’t actually find out who did it, or more importantly, why?

Some fans are not entirely convinced Thurwell is even dead. After all, why get in a big name actor like James Nesbitt just to use his picture?

Why did Hastings spell 'definitely' wrong?

Eagle-eyed viewers and English teachers everywhere were in uproar over the misspelling of "definately" – although it ultimately led to Buckells being brought down, as he'd spelt the word wrong in all his reports. But, another character was partial to the misspelling too. Back in season five, Hastings (while pretending to be 'H') used "definately", then tried to suspiciously pass it off as the result of research into the way ‘H’ spells. And, on the topic of Hastings, we never got a solid answer about why he had his laptop disposed of. Hmmm…

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

What will Carmicheal do next?

Carmichael proved to be quite the love-her-hate-her character in season six. Despite Hastings trying to lead her down the path of anti-corruption, it doesn’t look like she’s all too fussed on following it. But, what we’re left questioning is, what will she do about Hastings' confession?

Does Steve Arnott have a future with AC-12?

Steve Arnott really had a series of ups and downs – he requested to transfer out of AC-12, became reliant on prescription painkillers, and started a questionable relationship with Steph Corbett (classic Steve). By the end of the series, things start to look up as he gets help for his addiction, although whether or not he stays with AC-12 is left open-ended.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Is there a future for AC-12?

Things aren't exactly looking fab for AC-12, not least because Carmichael's in charge, along with Osborne (who we know is bent). Thankfully, Kate Fleming has confirmed she’ll rejoin the team, but with Steve's future at AC-12 still uncertain and Hastings' departure, things are looking pretty bleak.

Will there be a series seven?

It seems with all the unanswered questions, the show’s creator, Jed Mercurio, would have more than a handful of unhappy fans if we’re left hanging. And, with the finale drawing in a record number of viewers – 12.8 million to be exact – we’re guessing (read: praying) it’ll be back on our screens in no time.

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