Lipogen, the perfect weight-loss drink for you

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LOOKING for a delicious and effective way to manage your weight? Lipogen has the perfect no-exercise slimming drinks to finally achieve your body goals in just weeks!

It is hard to lose weight.

For some, it may even be harder that they might be needing professional help and extra effort to do so, which means another expense. Losing weight for people suffering obesity is necessary to improve health and reduce the risks of certain conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

It is for this one reason that Lipogen Health and Wellness, a local slimming beverage brand based in Davao City, carefully researched and formulated coffee and juice that could help people lose some of their extra weight without spending too much.

Lipogen Slimming Coffee and Juice Mix are made of 100% natural and healthy ingredients. Lipogen Coffee is made up of 20 ingredients, namely, Arabica, Ampalaya, Stevia, Collagen, Dragon Fruit, L-Carnetine, Senna Leaves, Psyllium Husk, Inulin Fiber, Grape Seed, Chia Seeds, Probiotics, Wheat Grass, Pomegranate, Broccoli, Vitamin C, Guyabano, Alpha Lipoic, Mangosteen, and Garcinia Cambogia.

And, Lipogen Juice Mix is made up of Lemon, Stevia, Senna Leaves, Psyllium Husk, Green Barley, Guyabano, Ginseng, Mangosteen, Acai Berry, Chia Seeds, and Collagen.

All these healthy and natural ingredients work together to effectively burn fats, improve metabolism, improve digestion, boost energy, reduce stress, controls blood pressure and sugar level, and suppress appetite.

The products are guaranteed safe as it has been registered to Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and have also secured its Halal- certification.

What is even more amazing about Lipogen is the fact that its coffee and juice would not cause loose bowel movement as it does not contain laxatives but helps promote natural and healthy bowel movement which doctors and medical experts prefer.

Lipogen products were made for the busy individuals who do not have the luxury of time to follow a more frequent exercise/workout regimen.

So if you have been trying to lose weight to be more fit and healthier, along with a healthy diet and water intake, Lipogen is definitely the perfect weight-loss drink for you. (Sponsored Content)

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