Little Black Cormorant spotted for the first time ever in the Philippines

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The Philippines recorded its first ever sighting of a bird called the Little Black Cormorant in Zamboanga City, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources said.

The sighting was confirmed by the Philippine Birds Rarities Committee in April, adding that the sighting took place during this year’s Annual Waterbird Census.

The provincial environment office of Zamboanga was surprised to note that a Cormorant had been listed as one of the species seen, as it had never been recorded in the province before.

Further digging and consultation with the Philippine Bird Rarities Committee confirmed that the bird was in fact a Little Black Cormorant.

While it is the first sighting to be recorded in the country, the great news is that the bird is far from extinct — it is native to neighboring countries down south such as Australia, Indonesia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste. The International Union of Conservation of Nature lists the Little Black Cormorant as an animal of least concern.

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