Selfless little boy saves up his pocket money to buy Christmas presents for pensioners

A selfless little boy is guaranteed to be on Santa’s good list after he saved up his pocket money to buy Christmas gifts for pensioners.

Eight-year-old Lewis McCartney, from east Belfast, receives £5 whenever his grandfather visits, but instead of spending it himself, he squirrelled it away to buy presents for residents of a sheltered housing scheme.

On Monday, he visited Choice Housing’s Elmgrove Manor in Belfast with his proud mother Rebecca and little brother Reece, 5, laden with bags of gifts to give to the residents.

Lewis picked a variety of gifts like small boxes of chocolate, jars of coffee and boxes of tea, a shower gel sets to give to touched retirees ahead of Christmas day.

Lewis was modest when asked what inspired the heartwarming gesture, simply saying he likes to be kind and think of others.

Lewis had been saving his pocket money and wanted to buy presents for pensioners living in the shared housing scheme. Here, Lewis and his brother give present to (from left) Mabel Steveson, Selina Irvine, and Linda Mulholland. (PA)

“Every time I see my granddad he gives me £5,” he said.

“So I didn’t spend it and then I went into Connswater and bought shampoo and other things.

“I like being nice to people.”

He said he did it because “lots of people don’t get any help and I just wanted to help”.

The residents were full of praise for the two boys.

Selina Irvine and Linda Mulholland said they were touched by their thoughtfulness.


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“There’s not many kids would do that,” said Ms Mulholland.

Ms Irvine said: “I love to see the children, especially interacting with the elderly because it gives them something and it gives us something.”

Jim Stitt was equally impressed.

“For two young boys their age, it was amazing they would think of think of doing something like this,” he said.

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