‘Little Women’ shaping up to be latest K-Drama hit

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“LITTLE Women” premiered on Netflix on Sept. 3. The trailer does its job simply and effectively—present a simple premise with a complex problem, accompanied by highlight clips and driving music.

The rest of the show features all those things, and then a whole lot more.

The new series, directed by Kim Hee-won (“Vincenzo”), delivers a mystery-drama that follows the story of three sisters caught in the middle of a financial dilemma.

Is it like the novel by author Louisa May Alcott with the same title?

“Writer Chung Seo Kyung reimagined the novel “Little Women,” starting with the question “What if the sisters came to Korea?” explained the director during a press conference. The rest of the story tells a more intricate tale of human struggle amid social issues.

Here are three reasons why one should catch “Little Women” on Netflix:

Delightful mix of genres

Combine slow-burn dialogue with action-paced scenes and one is sure to have a good time. Not to mention, the storyline is based off of a mystery-drama where details and plot twists unfold at every turn. Of course, themes of love for family and romantic love are also explored.

Beautiful cinematography

Whether a character is lost in thought in the middle of a commute or two opposing characters are seated on opposite ends of a dinner table, “Little Women” is beautiful to look at. It introduces viewers with a healthy dose of light and symmetry.

Great acting

The three sisters have a convincing bond that will have viewers hooked even on the first episode. The eldest is played by Kim Go-eun (“Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” and “The King: Eternal Monarch”), the second sister is played by Nam Ji-hyun (“100 Days My Prince”) and the youngest is played by Park Ji-hu (“All of Us Are Dead”).

“Little Women” will definitely resonate with those who love a complex mystery with a heart. Watch it on Netflix.