Liverpool Crowd Flouts Social Distancing Rules as 10pm Curfew Passes

Crowds of people were seen gathering in the city center of Liverpool, England, on September 26, after the United Kingdom’s 10 pm curfew came into effect.

Earlier in the week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced tougher restrictions including a 10 pm curfew on pubs, restaurants, and bars in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus.

This clip posted by Adam Walthew shows people dancing and singing on Church Street in Liverpool’s city center after the curfew had passed. Some people can be seen still holding drinks. “That’s what happens when you close at 10pm, thousands of people trying to go home at once,” he said in his post on Facebook.

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson tweeted a series of pictures taken after curfew, saying that the nightlife restrictions may be making the things “worse not better.”

“This was repeated right across the UK,” Anderson said. Credit: Adam Walthew via Storyful