Livestock industry

Isabela City, Basilan - The provincial government of Basilan has distributed some 50 heads of livestock in an effort to provide the farmers with main source of draft animals to help them in their farming activities in the province.

The distribution of livestock was implemented through the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian (OPV) as assistance to the farmers to boost their productivity, and the local livestock industry in the province.

Dr. Surhayda T. Aguisanda of the OPV said they have dispersed 10 heads of cattle, 10 heads of carabao, and 30 heads of goat to livestock farmers of Hji. Muhtamad, Akbar, Unkaya Pukan, and Lantawan municipalities, and to the cities of Isabela and Lamitan.

Aguisanda said the OPV had also distributed goats to support the development of the dairy goat industry, in an effort to alleviate malnutrition, and increase goat production in the province.

The distribution of livestock in the province is part of the provincial government's program to help improve the living condition of the people in the province.