Local celebrities share their 2021 new year's resolutions after a challenging year

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Local celebrities share their 2021 new year's resolutions after a challenging year

SINGAPORE – 2020 had been a challenging and stressful year for most people, and it is no doubt that many of us have unfulfilled new year resolutions from it. More often, getting out of the house, meeting up with friends, and travelling to different countries are just some of the resolutions that we knew we are unable to fulfil once COVID-19 struck.

Going into 2021, we are again jotting down “new year, new me” resolutions and hoping that we can check them all by year-end. We check out what some of the local celebrities have on their wishlist, and maybe theirs can be an inspiration for yours.

1) Zoe Tay

While highlighting how 2020 was a helpless year in her Instagram post, the Queen of Caldecott’s 2021’s wish also echoes what everyone has been hoping for: “Hoping that 2021 can change for the better”.

Asking her fans to take care of themselves, Zoe Tay also reminds everyone to continue the fight in preventing the spread of COVID-19 with social distancing.

2) Michelle Chong

Director, actress and business-owner are just some of the hats that Michelle Chong wear, on top of her myriad of personas. We are familiar with the Lulu the karaoke hostess from China, Leticia the Filipino maid, and Ah Lian, who is now a Premium Lian. For 2021, Chong seems to set sights on becoming a K-Pop (Korean Pop) idol. Good luck?

3) Sylvia Chan

Sylvia Chan, the co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics and a celebrated entrepreneur of the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list, had set sights on dropping the “all or nothing” mentality that she has always imposed on herself.

Putting things into perspective, Chan wrote, “Every year, I used to fail on achieving my goals cos I was so stubborn to insist on going 0 to 100. I had no room to accept the middle ground. I realised now that it was self-limiting and demoralising.” Hopefully, she gets to achieve her 2021 resolutions of “becoming better physically, mentally and professionally!”

4) Elvin Ng

Sharing that he has been “quite reflective and kinda philosophical throughout the year”, Mediacorp artiste Elvin Ng shared a short and sweet 2021 resolution. “To be LIGHT, HAPPY, & BRIGHT,” he wrote, joking that his friend asked if it is similar to being “a lantern in the sky”. Maybe, he said, and we wish that he can stay happy, bright, and light, but perhaps not like a lantern, in the new year.

5) Zhai Siming

One of the finalists of Star Search 2019, Zhai Siming, recently shared his new year resolution on the Let’s Celebrate 2021 live show – he’d like to be cast in an English show in the new year. Having starred in various Mandarin productions such as “Muay Thai Girl “, “Lonely Fish” and “Close your Eyes”, hopefully, Zhai will get his 2021 resolution fulfilled!

6) Juin Teh

Another Star Search 2019 alumni, Juin Teh looks back on 2020 and is thankful that the past year had been a good year for her. “Wishing that in 2021 I can be more flexible, comfortable, and calm in my life,” she wrote in Mandarin. We think that everyone can relate to her follow-up wish, that on the last day of 2021, “we can go to wherever we want to go”.

7) Bonnie Loo

Singer-actress Bonnie Loo made a promise with 2021 on her Instagram, stating that “my responsibility (for 2021) is to bring happiness to the people around me, cutting down on negativity, and increasing positive vibes.”

The 26-year-old also added that it is very precious if people can have more love for each other.

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