Local celebrities ushering in Year of the Ox with ox-picious greetings

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The Year of the Ox is ushered in relatively quietly due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, we are still blessed with various Instagram updates from local celebrities sharing ox-picious well-wishes with their fans and a peek into their Chinese New Year outfits.

Here are nine celebs that Yahoo Lifestyle SEA had rounded up including Zoe Tay, Fann Wong, JJ Lin, and Stefanie Sun.

1) Zoe Tay

Sending a video of Chinese New Year greetings on the first day of the lunar month, Zoe Tay wishes everyone a great and auspicious Year of the Ox ahead, followed by Chinese idioms with ox puns.

2) Fann Wong

Dressed in a stunning red dress, Fann Wong shared a photo with husband Christopher Lee and her son Zed on day one of Chinese New Year. The actress wishes everyone a healthy year ahead in the Year of the Ox. Lee had also posted the same family photo on his Instagram.

3) Stefanie Sun

On the first day of Chinese New Year, Stefanie Sun posted a photo with Chinese words meaning “have remains every year” on it. It is a word-play on the Chinese greetings “have abundance every year”, which is usually said during the festive season while promoting her latest single 'What Remains'.

4) JJ Lin

Back in Singapore for the Chinese New Year, JJ Lin shared photos with his relatives and grandparents, captioning it “Accompanying my mother for visiting. Cherish.”

5) Elvin Ng

Still dressed in his pyjamas, Elvin Ng made sure to remind everyone to keep to eight per household as he jokingly shared that he had unfortunately not made “the #privilegedlist of #8 for any household! So many uncles and aunties you're deemed #nonessential, and resulting in your #nonnomination…” He went on to wish everyone "happy smiles" and “hearts full of peace and joy” for this new year.

6) Xiang Yun

Sharing a family photo with actor husband Edmund Chen, son Chen Yi Xi, and daughter Chen Yi Xin, Xiang Yun wishes everyone a happy and healthy Chinese New Year ahead, ending the caption with an auspicious “Huat ah”.

7) Jack Neo

Instead of him saying well-wishes, local filmmaker Jack Neo posted a photo of him as his famous persona, Liang Popo, holding two mandarin oranges and wishing everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year.

8) Romeo Tan

Out visiting for Chinese New Year, Romeo Tan wishes everyone “a good Ox year ahead” in a photo, where he poses with his niece and nephew.

9) Tosh Rock

Dressed in a bright red shirt with his signature bucket hat, actor-musician Tosh Rock shared photos of him greeting his mother with two mandarin oranges while kneeling and receiving a red packet in return. Captioning “I am always your char siew”, which is a pun from a Cantonese scolding, he wishes everyone a healthy Chinese New Year ahead.

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