Lolit Solis gives update on health condition

Lolit Solis has been undergoing dialysis twice a week due to kidney problem. (Photo: Lolit Solis Official/Instagram)
Lolit Solis has been undergoing dialysis twice a week due to kidney problem. (Photo: Lolit Solis Official/Instagram)

In her recent posts on Instagram, showbiz columnist and talent manager Lolit Solis said that she might need to use a wheelchair or a cane soon, as the medical procedures she’s currently undergoing are already taking a toll on her physical body.

She also expressed sadness that, sooner or later, she may not even have the strength to leave her house.

Alam mo ba Salve na baka next time naka-wheelchair at tungkod o walking cane?” she said in her Instagram after she revealed that celebrity personalities Gretchen Barretto and Joe Barrameda gave her a wheelchair and a walking cane.

(You know what, Salve, next time I may be using a wheelchair or a cane or a walking cane?)

Solis said that, while she currently doesn’t need to use these, if ever she has no other choice, she would just opt not to leave her house.

“Naloka ako dahil para bang hirap na hirap na ako lumakad kaya dapat gumamit na ako ng wheelchair at tungkod. Para naman hindi ko type na [a]-attend ako [ng] presscon o meeting at dumarating ako ng naka-wheelchair at lumalakad ng [naka-tungkod]. Kaloka iyon noh!” she said.

(It’s ludicrous because it seems like I’m having a really hard time walking that’s why I need to use a wheelchair or a cane. I don’t think I’d like to arrive at a press conference or a meeting and I am riding a wheelchair or walking with a cane. That’s crazy!)

Pag kailangan na talaga na naka wheel chair ako, sa bahay na lang ako, hindi na ako lalabas at rarampa,” Solis added.

(If ever I need a wheelchair, I’ll just stay in my house, and I won’t go out and stroll anymore.)

Solis also said that being able to write on her Instagram account and her columns has been a great help to her because it keeps her mind active.

Imagine mo kung inabot ako sa edad na 76 at wala akong outlet, my God, talagang untog ko na ulo ko sa pader,” she said.

(Imagine if I reach the age of 76 and I don’t have an outlet, my God, I might just go crazy.)

Currently, Solis is undergoing dialysis sessions.

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