Lolit Solis says sorry to Alex Gonzaga and husband

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13 Oct - Lolit Solis recently posted an apology following her recent post about Alex Gonzaga's alleged miscarriage.

The talent manager, who slighted Lipa City councillor Mikee Morada after suggesting that his wife kept mum about supposedly losing her baby so that it can be an exclusive content for her YouTube channel, stated that she did not intend to hurt anybody with her regular columns.

"I'm too old to have another enemy. I also don't want anybody to be hurt by my writing... If someone is offended or be hurt by it, I am sorry. It was not and never my intention," she said.

Lolit Solis apologises to Mikee and Alex
Lolit Solis apologises to Mikee and Alex

In the same post, Lolit also stated that her bashers should follow Mikee's example when it comes to commenting on her post, instead of being rude to her.

Earlier this week, Alex's husband took to the comments in Lolit's post about the alleged miscarriage, saying that it was painful and frustrating to read Lolit's suggestion.

"You didn't just write about Alex. It was about me and my wife. So I ask for your respect. Don't make up a story in this kind of situation especially since you don't know the real story. Thank you," he posted.

It is noted that Alex has never made any public announcement on whether or not she was pregnant.

Alex and Mikee were married last November
Alex and Mikee were married last November

(Photo Source: Alex Gonzaga Instagram, Lolit Solis Instagram)

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