Lollipop-F frustrated with record company

Lollipop-F frustrated with record company

10 Jun – Members of Taiwanese boy band Lollipop-F recently voiced out their dissatisfaction with their record company, Gold Typhoon, at a Taipei cafe.

Groove Asia reported that the group's four members, Owodog, Fabien, William and A-Wei, were seen openly discussing and lamenting about the incompetency of Gold Typhoon at the cafe, as the company is unwilling to terminate their contract, yet not providing the members with adequate work opportunities.

The management continued to draw commission from their previous songs, since Lollipop-F has not had a new release in nearly two years.

Meanwhile, sources revealed that A-Wei even had to borrow money from fellow member Owodog to pay the rent, as he's been out of work for the past six months, an issue that was openly discussed by the 27-year-old during the meeting.

On the other hand, William expressed his concerns about the increasing burden of making ends meet, while Owodog and Fabien, who fortunately managed to take on acting jobs, also dissed the company for negligence.

When asked about the issues surrounding the group, Gold Typhoon denied having contract disputes with Lollipop-F and claimed that talks are in progress regarding the group's new album.