LOOK: Cute and unique Halloween costumes for kids

Camille Alipio-Luzande

Are you still looking for Halloween costumes for your kids this coming Halloween 2019? Here are a few cute and unique Halloween costumes for your kids that some celebrity kids did for their early trick-or-treat.

The cutest celebrity kids Halloween costumes!

Zia Dantes

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes eldest daughter Zia’s freaky clown costume is without a doubt freaky and adorable at the same time.

Her freaky clown costume is made with recycled materials—balloons and trash bags! She won best costume in her school for her very on-point freaky clown.

After winning the Best Halloween Costume for her freaky clown in her school, Zia amazed the netizens again when she dressed as The Red Queen from the movie Alice in Wonderland.

Just look at her on-point make-up on both costumes! Definitely a win!

Team Kramer

It’s always a good idea to dress up and have fun with your kids, just like what Chesca Garcia-Kramer did with her kids and her kids’ teacher Raycy Enriquez.

Chesca dressed up as Sulley from Monsters Inc., Teacher Raycy dressed as Chucky, Kendra as Belle, Scarlett as Moana, and Gavin as Spiderman—definitely in-character too!

On the other hand, Doug Kramer also posted a photo of him and his kids wearing costumes—Doug as a unicorn, Kendra and Scarlett as Sulley and Mike from Monsters Inc., and Gavin as Iron Man.

Scarlet Snow Belo

A friend of Dra. Vicki Belo named Small Laude had a Halloween costume party in her house and of course, cutie patootie daughter of Dra. Belo, Scarlet Snow is present too!

Scarlet Snow is dressed as a little cutie chick.


Salem Cipriano

For the newborn babies, they could also dress up this coming Halloween just like Kean Cipriano and Chynna Ortaleza’s newborn Salem.

For newborns, usually crocheted costumes are perfect and very on-point, just like this adorable crocheted costume of Salem.

Olivia and Amelia Reyes

The adorable girls of Andi Manzano with husband GP Reyes namely Olivia and Amelia had an early trick-or-treat this year.

Both dressed up beautifully with Olivia as Elsa and Amelia as Snow White.

Primo Arellano

The eldest son of Drew Arellano and Iya Villania-Arellano also had a trick-or-treat and Halloween costume party at school with his classmates.

Primo their eldest dressed up as Woody from the movie Toy Story.

Lucia and Carmen Intal

JC Intal and Bianca Gonzalez-Intal’s daughters Lucia and Carmen also dressed up early this Halloween 2019.

Lucia who is classmates with Primo Arellano, on the other hand dressed up as Owlette from PJ Mask for their trick-or-treat at school.

On the other hand, as Bianca and JC’s youngest daughter Carmen celebrated her first birthday they decided to make it a costume party as it was timely for the Halloween coming.

The whole family dressed up for the party—Bianca dressed as Cleopatra, JC as a vampire, Lucia as a little vamp, and of course the birthday girl dressed up a cutie patootie pumpkin.

Baz and Blanca Go

A family portrait is always a great idea, but a family Halloween costume portrait this coming Halloween? Even better!

Divine Lee-Go together with her husband Blake Go and their kids Baz and Blanca dressed up as The Simpsons family this Halloween.

Balthazar Semblat

The Filipino-French kid of Isabelle Daza with husband Adrien Semblat also dressed up for a trick-or-treat. Guess who he dressed as this Halloween? Balthazara “Baltie” dressed up as The Pope and he looked just so adorable.

Rocket Miller

Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles “bunso,” Rocket Miller also dressed in a crocheted costume.

Rocket definitely nailed her crocheted mermaid tail and her bao top!

Noah and Tobin Alcaraz

The sons of actor Marco Alcaraz and beauty queen Lara Quigaman-Alcaraz also had an early trick-or-treat celebratio, with the family wearing awesome Halloween costumes.

In a post of Lara, she also dressed up along her kids Noah and Tobin. Noah dressed up as a handsome race car driver, while Tobin as a little dinosaur cutie! Lara dressed up as The Killer Bride, Camila Dela Torre.

Nala and Nolan Yambao

The little kiddos of Camille Prats-Yambao with husband VJ Yambao namely Nala and Nolan dressed up for a trick-or-treat too!

Mini me of Camille, Nala, dressed up as little Princess Anna from the movie Frozen and Nolan as little Woody from Toy Story.

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