LOOK: McDonald’s sets up queues for single, heartbroken, and happily committed customers

Way to rub being single in people’s faces, McDonald’s.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and a McDonald’s branch along Calamba Highway in Laguna province is celebrating it by setting up queues for single, heartbroken, and happily committed customers.

The branch’s Facebook page shared a now-viral post yesterday which shows the lines set up by the restaurant’s cashier counters.

“Wherever you line up as long as it’s at McDonald’s Calamba Highway, we love you,” it said in its caption in Filipino.

The photos show some of the employees posing next to the signages, with some more dramatic than others. One of the signs says: “Line for single [people].”

The other signs include lines for people who are ready to mingle; those who have loved and gotten hurt; and those who are happily committed or those who already have their “forever” person.

While the Facebook post had 162 likes, one of the photos, particularly the photo with the one that says “line for marurupok” received 3,900 likes and 9,500 shares.

Marupok literally means “breakable,” but it’s colloquially used to describe someone who easily gets excited over a romantic experience. It’s also used to describe someone easy to get.

Netizens thought it was damn hilarious.

Facebook user Angie Lee tagged a friend and said in Filipino: “Be the first to line up here! I’m next [after you].”

Photo: McDonald’s Halang Calamba/FB

Hazel Mae Cadarin tagged a bunch of her friends and said: “We have a special lane already.”

Photo: McDonald’s Halang Calamba/FB

Christine Ong told her friend: “You’ll fit right in.”

Photo: McDonald’s Halang Calamba/FB

Julie Ann Draguin said she’ll line up everywhere except the queue for those who have their “forever.”

Jonash Diocolano asked a friend where she’ll line up.

Eedyah Admore asked if there’s a line for people who simply don’t care.

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