Looloo is top social networking app in PHL iTunes store

Looloo, an app that helps Pinoys discover the best places for dining, travel and entertainment, has zoomed to the top of the Philippine iTunes App Store.

The app, launched only in November last year, has become the top free and social networking app since Tuesday night.

"We’ve been working feverishly on looloo since the beginning of 2012 and launched just last November. We’re really happy that it's now (since last night) the #1 Free and #1 Social Networking App for the Philippine iTunes App Store!" its developers said.

Looloo's developers plan to eventually expand the app's coverage of establishments from Metro Manila to the Philippines.

Yet, they noted Metro Manila’s dining, entertainment, and travel scene had really grown over the past few years.

"We now have top-notch restaurants, spas, hotels, you name it. With a place database built from the ground up, we want looloo to be the best way for people to discover them," they said.

With the app's Explore feature, users can find places such as restaurants, spas, nightlife spots, and other places of interest that are Nearby, Trending, or even Open Now.

Users can also post reviews of the establishments.

Also, looloo has a Recommend to Friends feature.

"If your friends know that you like trying out Japanese restaurants, we’ve made it simple for them to recommend a brand new Japanese restaurant they discovered to you," the developers said. — TJD, GMA News