Lorry Driver Caught Watching F1 Documentary on Mobile Phone

A lorry driver was caught on camera watching a Formula One documentary on his mobile phone while driving on the M5 on May 12, police said.

The driver was caught as part of Operation Tramline, a HGV road safety project led by Highways England and the Gloucestershire Constabulary.

This video shows officers in an unmarked lorry filming the lorry driver watching the documentary on his phone. Officers in the video can be heard saying the driver is also not wearing a seatbelt.

Police said they gave the driver a ticket for not being in proper control of the lorry and warned him about the potential consequences of his actions.

“Drivers using a phone behind the wheel are four times more likely to be involved in a collision, far less likely to notice and react to hazards, more likely to show poor lane discipline and make more variable speed choices,” Sgt Lucy Powell said.

“The vantage point that we got from the cab allowed us to detect offences that we might not see from our normal patrol vehicles, particularly with heavy goods vehicles and larger vans.” Credit: Gloucestershire Constabulary via Storyful

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