Lost boss on "two problems" that meant the show had to end

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It's been 10 years since ABC drama Lost left our screens for good, but what were the deciding factors behind it ending after six seasons?

Showrunner Carlton Cuse, who also worked on this year's Netflix fantasy Locke & Key, sat down with The Independent to discuss "two problems" Lost faced during its run.

Photo credit: Mario Perez - ABC
Photo credit: Mario Perez - ABC

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The 61-year-old explained: "The driving forces behind us really pushing to get an end date for the show were two problems we had: one – we didn't know how long the mythology had to last, and secondly, we were running out of flashbacks for the characters.

"So, when we did Jack's [Shephard, played by Matthew Fox] flashback where he's in Thailand with Bai Ling – one of the episodes that would not be on my list of favourites – we felt it was time to end the show."

Photo credit: Mario Perez - ABC
Photo credit: Mario Perez - ABC

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Meanwhile, Cuse also weighed in on Lost's "revolutionary" aspects, adding: "We opened the door for other types of shows and certainly closed-ended television – we had the good fortune of ending Lost on its own terms.

"I think that's certainly one revolutionary thing that is really significant. We were the first show in the era of network television where we determined our end date.

"Prior to that, shows died of their own accord – you'd just ride the horse until it dropped dead beneath you. Maybe some people didn't love the ending, but we at least did give the audience an intentional one."

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