Lost in love

Luis A. Quibranza III
·2 min read

COASTAL nomad: As the line of sea and sky blurs the farther one looks into the distance, standing from the boundary between the known and the unknown, a person may find himself lost in thought: “How can something so majestic be so simple?”

In the silence, the gentle, swaying rhythm of waves splashing against the sand. In the stillness, the clouds that morph into different forms in minutes. In love, suddenly getting lost becomes an adventure.

Chasing Perfection Events and Styles attempts to capture this theme in a fashion shoot dedicated to the passion, joy and dedication felt during intimate weddings.

“As the world slowly embraces a new normal, celebrations turn more intimate than ever,” said Alnair Agujar, the brand’s creative director.

“Intimate weddings allow people to focus on the real reason of the celebration to shrine through — love. When an event is stripped of the grand staircase and shimmering lights, this is what remains. And this is what we want to highlight, being able to focus on your nearest and dearest. No fuss, no frills — just enjoying the milestone.”

In the making of this concept, Agujar gathered some of the city’s most passionate wedding aficionados, then showcased the beauty of small wedding through the shoot dubbed “Coastal Nomad.”

Nothing binds the theme stronger than different shades of pale coral used in different materials from the bouquet to the tableware. Should depth be required, the inspiration dug deep and brandished earth brown. Looking through the photos, one can almost feel the serenity shared between the couple. Not only are both away from it all — the flashing lights and all other distractions afforded by Murphy — they are totally lost in each other’s company.

Of course, these dream weddings are made possible by professionals.

“Invest in a wedding coordinator/planner since these people will ensure everything is organized and executed well on the day,” Agujar added.

While the wedding industry is slowly getting back to its feet from the harsh effects of the pandemic, some couples are realizing the beauty of simplicity and how it affords them of starting a new life together off on the right foot.