Lotus Type 132 electric SUV gets another teaser

·1 min read

Back in August, Lotus laid out its product plans for the next few years. One of the most significant ones, and soonest to launch, is the Type 132, an electric SUV. A muddy silhouette was all we got with the product announcement, but now we get an up-close look at the SUV.

Unfortunately, this look is so close up that all we can see is the lower grille section. It's not a bad looking grille section, with divvied-up hexagonal openings. They even have active shutters that adjust for cooling or aerodynamics. But of course, there's not much else we can tell.

The Type 132 is slated to launch next year, so we won't have long to wait. It's one of four electric Lotus models that will launch in the next few years, not including the Evija supercar.

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