Love Island fans call out Liam for this "creepy" behaviour

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Love Island viewers are calling out Liam Reardon for "creepy" and "possessive" behaviour after they spotted him spraying what appeared to be his aftershave on Millie Court's pillow before she went to bed.

While we don't know exactly what was going on in the very brief moment, fans believe the spotted Liam spraying his aftershave on Millie's pillow before going to sleep in a separate bed, prompting criticism from people on Twitter who called the behaviour "manipulative".

All of this follows Millie and Liam recoupling after he was unfaithful to her while in Casa Amor. Prior to this the pair were fan favourites, but after Liam's antics (including but not limited to three-way kissing and sharing a bed with someone else) fans have been desperate for Millie to move on, and were disappointed when the pair recoupled after some fairly feeble apology speeches from Liam. And last night's antics certainly didn't help...

During the [August 5] episode fans spotted Liam spraying what looked to be his aftershave on Millie's pillow while she wasn't looking before going to sleep in another bed. Needless to say, viewers really weren't keen on this, with many of them calling the behaviour "creepy" while others worried about Liam causing Millie's flawless skin to breakout.

Sure, it could have been pillow spray but something tells us it wasn't...

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