Love Island fans spot the awkward moment Hugo tried to kiss Chloe, and we all missed it

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Love Island has been shaken by yet another dramatic dumping, leaving Lucinda Stafford and Aaron Francis as the latest couple to leave the villa.

But it turns out that wasn't the only piece of drama in Sunday night's episode, and Love Island fans have spotted a *super* awkward moment that we all somehow managed to miss.

Cast your mind back to Sunday night, and you'll remember the Islanders announcing which couples were safe from the public vote. Hugo and Chloe were among the couples saved, and Love Island viewers reckon they noticed Hugo trying to kiss Chloe, before ending up kissing her cheek.

Yikes. Yep, seems like we missed a pretty crucial moment there, then.

It's not clear whether Chloe purposely dodged Hugo's kiss, or whether she just didn't notice and assumed he was going in for a hug, but Love Island fans think it's super awkward either way.

Plus, newly-dumped Islander Georgia Townend recently shared her theory that Hugo "holds a candle" for Chloe, which makes the apparent kiss all the more interesting.

OK, we'll need to watch this bit back again. Thankfully, one eagle-eyed viewer on Twitter managed to capture the exact moment in question, featuring the potential kiss. Take a look here:

While many viewers missed the awkward moment, some fans *did* spot what went down, and they were quick to share their thoughts on Twitter. One fan wrote, "Did anyone clock how Hugo almost kissed Chloe [?]", while another added, "did anyone else see how Chloe swerved Hugos kiss [?] [sic]".

The rest of Twitter, of course, had a *lot* to say. One fan wrote, "The second hand embarrassment when Hugo went in for a kiss with Chloe after being saved", while the rest were simply in plain shock.

Here's how everyone reacted:

Right, that's us definitely not blinking next time we're watching Love Island, then.

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