Love Island fans think Shaughna and Luke M are 'forcing' a romance

Rebecca Calderwood
Photo credit: ITV

From Cosmopolitan

  • Winter Love Island fans aren't convinced Shaughna's feelings towards Luke M are real.
  • The OG Islander admitted she fancied Luke during tonight's episode - leaving Demi in tears.

It takes a lot for a person to admit they like someone. And during tonight's Love Island Shaughna did exactly that as she plucked up the courage and confessed her love for Luke M.

From what it appeared, Luke M and Demi were getting to know each other before Shaughna swooped in.

And understandably, Demi didn't exactly seem too pleased by the news. After Shaughna grabbed her for a chat, she admitted: "Right OK. Oh God… what's made you feel like this? I always thought you and him were more like brother and sister."

And while some fans believed Shaughna was right to follow her heart, other viewers aren't so convinced.

Considering the democratic services officer was head over heels in love with Callum just last week, it's certainly a swift change of heart.

Photo credit: ITV

"Last week I was team Shaughna this weeks she’s forcing it so bad," one wrote on Twitter, while another said: "Shaughna can’t lie you are done out here."

A third viewer added: "Shaughna is REALLY forcing it with this Luke M thing."

"Gone off Shaughna massively tonight, forcing it just as much as Mike was with Jess," a fourth commented.

The Islander hasn't had the best luck when it comes to romance in the villa after former flame Callum coupled up with new girl Molly in Casa Amor.

But could tomorrow night's recoupling be a fresh start for Shaughna?

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