Love Island’s twins Eve and Jess choose who they want to couple up with and Twitter goes into melt down

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Following twins Jess and Eve's arrival, we've all been patiently waiting to see who they would couple up with. Finally, tonight we got to find out and boy did the internet kick off.

Before the big reveal, Shaughna tempted fate, telling Nas she reckoned one of the twins will want to couple up with Callum: "I just think where I fancy him, I feel like they will," she said.

Elsewhere, Callum admitted: "I’m happy with Shaughna. You just can’t say at the moment. It’s day two, let’s not overthink things." Hmmm.

And it wasn't only Shaughna stressing about the twin's impending decision, Leanna was also concerned that the girls might make a move for Mike. He however told Leanna that right now, he only has eyes for her.

"I’m trying to do my best to reassure you and help you to kind of trust in my character and me as a person," he said. "I have come in here to find love, to find that someone. My initial thoughts of you is that you could be that someone. And you’re a beautiful girl."

Photo credit: ITV

Eve was the first to reveal her choice and after telling sister Jess, it became obvious that there was some sibling rivalry. "I can’t believe you made that decision. How come you made that decision?" exclaimed Jess. Eve responded: "I don’t know that’s just the way I feel," before going on to say "We’re not arguing over a guy Jess, this isn’t happening." OUCH.

In the end, Jess chose to couple up with Mike and Eve with Callum. This means that Leanna and Shaughna are now at risk if they don't get coupled up at the end of the week.

So, the nation's current fave couples have been broken up by the twins and to say people are unhappy about it would be a, ahem, understatement. In true Love Island spirit, fans took to Twitter to voice their feelings about tonight's episode.

Check out some of the most lol worthy reactions below (seriously, we are screaming at these)...

Day two and we are already unashamedly invested. Could the next 24-hours go any faster!?!

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