Love Island's Anna Vakili speaks out about racist trolling

Emily Gulla
Photo credit: Eamonn M. McCormack - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Love Island's Anna Vakili has opened up about the racist trolling she's experienced online since leaving the villa.

After shooting down rumours that she's getting back with fellow Islander Sherif Lane, Anna appeared at the TV Choice Awards at The Hilton hotel in London on Monday. Speaking to press at the event, Anna revealed some of the awful messages she's received from online trolls.

Anna said: "When I’m getting DMs like 'you Arab ****', 'you terrorist', stuff like that is a sensitive topic and people were getting at me about that."

She added: "I am Iranian, and people don’t understand that racism comes in all types not just skin colour.

"The thing I love about black communities is that they stick together, but Middle Easterns they don’t stick together, they don’t have that support."

Anna also addressed the body-shaming that she experienced before, during and after appearing on Love Island.

She said: "I have been attacked a lot ever since my photo was released, about my looks. I have an attitude but I was not the only girl in the villa with an attitude and that’s the truth.

"But I feel like I get attacked more than anybody, but I am strong and I have a wicked support system around me.

"If I did not have that around me, it worries me people that might not have that support system.

"I actually don’t need therapy because I have my therapy in my family, so I’m lucky I have them.'

Anna also clapped back at trolls on her Instagram story, captioning a boomerang of her eating pasta,"DOLMIO never tasted so good" after haters had made memes comparing her Love Island press shots to adverts for Dolmio pasta sauce.

Photo credit: Anna Vakili / Instagram

Anna attended the TV Choice Awards alongside Islander Amber Gill, who recently split up with her fellow winner Greg O'Shea. They posed on the red carpet after revealing that they'd moved in together after Greg and Amber's split.

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