Lovi Poe, Tony Labrusca, Marco Gumabao: Viva Films introduces ‘sexiest love triangle’

VIVA Films introduces the sexiest love triangle in Philippine cinema this summer: Lovi Poe, Marco Gumabao and Tony Labrusca in a movie written by the iconic storyteller Ricky Lee, and directed by yet another icon, Joel Lamangan.

“Hindi Tayo Pwede” tells the story of Gabby (Poe) or Gab for short, who finds love in a man who is also named Gabby (Labrusca) and shares a long and deep friendship with Dennis (Gumabao).

Gab and Gabby are looking forward to spending their lives together, but a car accident took Gabby’s life before their wedding day. Dennis keeps Gab company in her time of grief and finally confesses his true feelings for her. Gab can’t help but become intimate with him.

But Gabby is still very much present in Gab’s life. She still sees him, talks to him, even makes love with him. If she opens her heart to Dennis, she might lose Gabby forever. Is she ready to let go? Will she ever allow herself to move on?

From the trailer of “Hindi Tayo Pwede,” it looks like these three dedicated actors didn’t hold back in doing steamy scenes to show the love and the longing of the characters they play. “Hindi Tayo Pwede” opens in cinemas nationwide on March 4. (PR)