LTO 7 to plate owners: Claim them or else

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THE Land Transportation Office (LTO) Central Visayas has urged motorcycle and four-wheel vehicle owners to claim their license plates at its temporary distribution office in SM Seaside City Cebu.

In a press conference, LTO 7 Director Victor Emmanuel Caindec said from Friday, Nov. 19, until Nov. 29, 2021, vehicle owners can just claim their license plates even without an appointment from their office.

Caindec said for now, the license plates available for walk-ins are those for four-wheel vehicles registered in 2015 and 2016.

License plates for motorcycles registered in January and February of 2016 and January to April of 2018 can also be claimed even without an appointment.

But for motorcycles and vehicles not included in those dates, an appointment shall be needed, Caindec added.

To claim their license plates, owners just need to bring a photocopy of the Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration.

Caindec told reporters that one of the factors their available license plates have not been fully distributed is their previous distribution method.

Caindec admitted they can only distribute to at least 20 individuals per day using their old distribution method.

Caindec also lamented that another factor in the delay is that some motorcycle dealers were not supportive of his plan to sign an agreement for them to hasten the distribution of license plates to their clients.

When asked why these dealers do not want to ink the agreement, Caindec simply answered, “I cannot guess why they will not support the MOA.”

Earlier this year, Caindec was involved in a series of legal battles with a group of motorcycle dealers over allegations that the latter were involved in charging undue interest rates to their clients.

Caindec also answered allegations about the lack of and delay in the distribution of license plates.

“If they say that there are no plates, we can clearly show you that the supply of unclaimed plates is overflowing,” Caindec told reporters in Cebuano.

Caindec also warned motorists who have yet to claim their plates that they could face additional penalties if they fail to claim them by December.

“For those vehicles covered in the years that already have plates, if they are apprehended by our personnel, we will charge them accordingly for not picking up their plates,” Caindec added.

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